Gnathology what is it


What is gnathology? Gnathology is the science that studies the diseases and all the functions related to the jaw, and the relationship with the teeth, with the temporomandibular joints, with the muscles related to the jaws and finally with the nervous system that controls all these muscles, including the tongue.

One of the problems that can occur is the blockage of the jaw, after a yawn for example, which can prevent the closure of the mouth.

The functional relationship between the dental arches and the relationship with the temporomandibular joint is the basis of gnathological studies, in fact there are many problems that are behind a simple malocclusion.

Thanks to a gnathological examination it is possible to understand if there are malocclusions or mandibular disorders that can be resolved with the use of a splint.

The splint is a resin orthodontic appliance that helps to
re-establish the correct position of the teeth and improve the closure of the arches.