Zirconium dental capsules

Capsule dentali in zirconio

Characteristics of zirconium dental capsules

If your teeth are very decayed and in need of protection, or if you have lost some teeth and would like to replace them with dentures that look as similar as possible to natural teeth, zirconium may be a good solution due to its special characteristics.

Zirconium is an extremely biocompatible material, which makes it very suitable for the construction of dental capsules. Zirconium is very solid, which means that the capsules or bridges are more resistant to occlusal loads over time, and it is translucent, which is why it has a high aesthetic effect, coming very close to the natural appearance of teeth.

Structure of zirconium dental capsules

Zirconium can be used to make the inside of dental capsules. In fact, the capsules consist of two layers: the inner and the outer one. Generally, the first layer is made of metal alloy; zirconium can replace the latter by reducing the presence of metals in the capsules. The second layer is made of ceramic.

Obviously, zirconium-ceramic dental caps (with the inner layer made of zirconium and the outer layer made of ceramic) provide a high aesthetic effect and are the solution that comes closest to the natural appearance of teeth. In fact, unlike caps made of metals, their translucency can make them look as good as natural teeth.

Zirconia dentures are therefore an excellent solution because their appearance is very close to natural teeth, and they are more aesthetically pleasing than other prosthetic solutions involving metals.

In addition, zirconium-ceramic dental capsules can be cemented with an adhesive technique that guarantees maximum stability.

Advantages of zirconium dental capsules

– They are lighter than metal-ceramic dental capsules and, at the same time, more resistant;
– they limit the adhesion of bacterial plaque;
– they are extremely biocompatible and do not cause any allergies;
– they guarantee a high aesthetic effect;
– the connection between tooth and capsule is very stable as it uses an adhesive technique.