Treating dental caries

Curare la carie dentale

What is dental caries

Dental caries is a disease that affects the hard tissues of the tooth: the enamel and dentin. It originates on the surface, first affecting the enamel, then affecting the dentine and, after piercing it, reaching the pulp and destroying it.
Dental caries forms when the demineralisation of enamel is faster than its remineralisation. Demineralisation is the process in which the metabolism of sugars by bacteria generates acids that corrode the enamel. Remineralisation, on the other hand, is the process in which saliva cleanses the tooth surfaces, removing sugars and promoting the deposition of mineral salts.
Very often this process fails to counterbalance the first, so it is helped by the use of fluoride, which strengthens the outer layer of enamel and counteracts the corrosive action of acids.

How to treat dental caries

To treat tooth decay, the decayed tissue must be removed with special instruments and the cavity formed must be filled with a filling or dental inlay.
If the caries is very deep and has already reached the pulp, devitalization of the tooth, also known as root canal treatment, is necessary.
To keep tooth decay at bay, prevention is key. Proper oral hygiene, brushing your teeth well, prevents sugars from triggering the enamel demineralisation process.
Tooth decay prevention can also be helped by using fluoride toothpastes that strengthen enamel.