Oral surgery in Rome

Chirurgia orale a Roma

Advanced Oral Surgery in the Office of Dr Schmitz in Rome

Oral surgery is a branch of dentistry that includes a number of different types of surgical procedures that can be performed in the oral cavity of the patient.

The Dental Office of Dr Schmitz is highly specialized in all types of interventions related to advanced oral surgery, ensuring professionalism and competence in solving every problem and need of the patient.

Advanced oral surgery procedures

As we have already mentioned, oral surgery includes a series of surgical procedures involving the oral cavity. Below we describe the most common ones.

The most common and well-known is the extraction of the tooth, which can be done for different reasons: because it is decayed or infected, broken or fractured as a result of trauma, due to periodontitis, or in the case of overlapping or included teeth.

Another type of oral surgery is dental implantology, a technique that allows the replacement of missing teeth through the insertion of an artificial root into the mandibular bone, on which a single artificial tooth, bridge or prosthesis is applied.

Another use of oral surgery is orthognathic surgery or corrective surgery of the jaw which can be used for various reasons including trauma to the temporomandibular joint, malocclusion, teeth grinding, chewing difficulties, etc. …

Finally, among other uses of oral surgery there is bone regeneration, which consists in the reconstruction of bone tissue in case there is a need to apply a dental implant and there is a lack of bone surface on which to apply the artificial root.