Dentist in Rome-Prati for complex problems

Dentista a Roma-Parioli per problemi complessi

If you are looking for a dentist in Rome because you want to solve a serious problem in the mouth, contact the Dental Office Dr. Schmitz, in the Parioli area, we treat very complex problems concerning teeth, gums and bone.
Dental implantology and periodontology in Rome

You can contact us if you want to have dental implantology, but also if you already have dental implants and are in pain, or if you have lost them and would like to replace them. The cause of implant failure can be peri-implantitis, a disease that attacks the support apparatus of the implant causing its failure.

This disease is formed due to the presence of bacteria and can occur if sterility protocols are not followed during implant placement. We operate in a room dedicated to the intervention, respecting the international protocols of sterility, with a qualified team and an experienced surgeon and we use dental implants of the highest quality, safe and reliable.

If, on the other hand, you have periodontitis and are losing all your teeth, we can help you cure your disease, through a specific intervention. Often, eliminating the infection can also save unstable teeth that seem destined to fall out.

Book now a free first visit, we are in Rome (Prati area) in Paolo Mercuri street, 6.

No matter the severity of your problem, we will do our best to help you solve it!